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Select numeric input from informally structured Microsoft Word paragraphs and tables.

Built-in parser interprets numeric input from text. 

Use the REVIEW feature to review and correct your selection.

Tabulate data across multiple rows/columns or even across different worksheets.

Apply the desired statistical operation to your selected data.

Use the SELECT feature to combine data from multiple selections. 

Combine aggregate and arithmetic operations to add, subtract, multiple or divide across selections.

Chain data selections as long as necessary. 

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to BizCalculator-Privacy

  • Features all statistical calculations frequently used in business documents.
  • Standard arithmetic operations.
  • Directly read data from Excel cells.
  • Read numeric data from Word or PowerPoint documents.
  • Review and Edit your selected data.
  • Manual data input provision.
  • Memory Functions.
  • Keyboard and numeric keypad input.

  • Free trial and full ​versions now available from the Microsoft Office Store.

Business Calculator for Office Applications

Task pane Add-in for use with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Why search for a desktop calculator or try to recall Excel formulas, when you can perform all your frequently accessed business calculations through the BizCalculator interface conveniently located right next to your Office document. 

Calculate the Total, Average, Minimum, Maximum, Count, Median, Model, Range, Variance and Standard Deviation.

Select a range of data from your Excel, Word or PowerPoint document.

Use the numeric keypad or your keyboard for manually entered statistical computations. 


For documentation please refer to BizCalculator-HelpDoc.