Empower Your Productivity

Mix manual or keyboard input with numeric data from Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

Select a range of informally structured numbers and click the SELECT key to add the numeric sum of the selection to the current operation set. 

  • Convenient calculator for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Displays inside the task pane right next to your document.
  • Supports all commonly used arithmetic operations.
  • Memory Functions.
  • Keyboard and numeric keypad input.

  • Available for free download from the Microsoft Office Store.

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to HandyCalculator-Privacy.

Technical Support

For technical support and questions please reach out to us at Contact AdaptPoint.

Now supports direct input from Excel tables and informally structured Microsoft Word paragraphs and tables.

Select an Excel cell or range of cells and click the SELECT key to add the value of the cell to the operation set.

If more than one cell is selected, the sum of the selected cells will be used as input.

Handy Calculator for Office Applications

Task pane Add-in for use with Microsoft Word, Office and PowerPoint. Handy Calculator lets you perform basic arithmetic operations by means of a convenient and readily available interface located alongside your Office document.