Empower Your Productivity

Driving & Transit Route Maps

  • Snapshot functionality to generate custom sized street and satellite maps.​
  • One click copy of map image and directions to your document.
  • Review step-by-step driving and/or transit directions.
  • Import directions into your Office document.​

Technical Support

For technical support and questions please reach out to us at Contact AdaptPoint.

Interactive mapping and snapshot generation

  • View your routes on an interactive Google map.
  • Utilize Google map features like zoom, pan and street-view.
  • Auto complete aided lookup of your start, destination and way points addresses.
  • Customize routes with distinct colors, markers, images and place descriptors. 

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to HandyMapRoutePlanner-Privacy.

  • Directions lookup using Google Maps services.
  • Driving and transit directions with distance and time.
  • Support for driving routes with multiple way points.
  • Way point optimization for selecting the optimal driving route.
  • Review alternate routes.

  • Now available at the

​​     Microsoft Office Store.

HandyMap Route Planner - Driving and Transit Directions Add-In

Task pane add-in for use with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Office Online.

  • You are planning an event and would like to review routes and include a map with driving directions to the conference center in your Word document.
  • You are reviewing customer data in Excel, and would like to quickly check the transit times for your sales team to travel to the customer site.
  • While planning logistics, you want to calculate the optimal driving route and include a map showing the possible routes to your distribution centers.

Sound familiar? Then HandyMap Route Planner is the Office task pane add-in that you need. Perform all of the above tasks and more without leaving your Office document.