Empower Your Productivity

Multiple address and place markers

  • Create maps with up to 26 different addresses and places.
  • Include map pointer with address details in your image.
  • Separate map and label images when required for document layout.
  • Map and place URLs when needed for including as hyperlinks in your document.

Google Maps Auto Complete Aided Lookup

  • Seamless integration with Google Maps auto complete to help narrow down an address or place.
  • Simply start typing in the address or place that you intend to look up and select the best match from the list.
  • Use the ​Lookup button to directly read an address or place from your document and provide you with the best options.
  • Batch load addresses by selecting from an Excel cell range.

Customizable marker and place description

  • Highlight maps with custom markers.
  • Specify marker colors and labels.
  • Create marker pins with images.
  • Use images as markers.
  • Provide your own place description.
  • Broad selection of colors and images.

Technical Support

For technical support and questions please reach out to us at Contact AdaptPoint.

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to HandyLookup-Privacy.

Interactive mapping and snapshot generation feature for copying map images to your document

  • 'Map It!' feature to view address or place location on an interactive Google map.
  • 'Snapshot' functionality to copy map images to your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document.
  • Map pointer with location information.
  • Standard map and satellite views.
  • Utilize Google map features like zooming and in-person view.


For documentation please refer to HandyMapLookup-Help.

New Save Maps Functionality

  • 'Save Maps' feature to enable you to save your customized maps.
  • Save your maps along with your Excel, Word or PowerPoint document data.
  • View or edit your saved maps the next time the document is accessed.
  • Set a saved map to auto display in the app pane when a document is opened.

HandyMap Address Lookup - Locator and Mapping Application

Task pane Add-in for use with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Office Online.

  • Have you found yourself switching between your Word document and a web browser to confirm the correct mailing address of your customer?
  • Do you keep having to tab between your Excel spreadsheet and a browser search window to find the county/city/zipcode a potential business client is located in?
  • Have you wanted to attach the map of a venue to your Office document but could find no easy way to get a map image from the Maps web site? 

If this sounds familiar, then HandyMap Address Lookup is the Office task pane app that you need. Perform all of the above tasks and more without having to leave the context of your Office document.

Snapshot Creation and Copy

  • Snapshot feature to create custom sized images of your maps.
  • One-click copy of map image to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Word Online documents.
  • Intuitive clipboard copy/paste of map image.
  • Standard, satellite and terrain maps.

  • Address lookup using the popular Google Maps services.
  • Look up city, county, state, zip code or country data.
  • Auto complete functionality to help you narrow your search.
  • Establishment search with phone and web site details when available.
  • Formatted mailing address.
  • Customizable place markers and text.
  • Save map functionality to enable you to save and revisit your customized maps.

  • Free Trial and Full Versions available now from the

​​     Microsoft Office Store.