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Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

The HandyMap Places add-in utilizes the Google Maps API to provide the map and place information services. The application is dependent in its entirety on the Google Maps Services and will be supported in its current form only as long as the Google Maps and Google Maps Developer Services are available. 

In order to provide the mapping and location/place lookup functionality, the application transmits the provided address/place data to the Google Maps API services through secure https web transfer protocol. Only information provided, through manual entry or data binding, is transferred to the Google Map web services, and the application does not read, store or transmit other document content in any form to the world-wide-web. 

​The HandyMap Places license token obtained from the Microsoft Office Store and provided to the application at the time of initialization is sent to a Microsoft license verification service for confirmation.

AdaptPoint™ does not accept liability for technical or legal issues that may arise from your usage of the application.

By using the HandyMap Places add-in, you agree to accept these terms of privacy and terms of use.