Empower Your Productivity

  • Leverage the full power of Google Maps inside Excel.
  • Bring Google Street-View capability into your document.
  • Auto save functionality to save and revisit your customized maps.
  • ​​'Save as Image' functionality to convert maps into static images.


HandyMap Places - Mapping Application for Excel

Content add-in for Microsoft Excel and Excel Online.

  • Enrich your Excel documents with full fidelity Google street, satellite and in-person maps. 
  • Designed specifically for use within Excel to enable adding maps as an integral part of the document.
  • Create personalized maps with custom markers, labels and place details. 
  • Built using Google Maps technology.

Technical Support

For technical support and questions please reach out to us at Contact AdaptPoint.

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to HandyMapPlaces-Privacy

  • Multiple address input options for convenience.
  • Google autocomplete aided manual input to help locate addresses and places.
  • Batch copy mode to enter multiple addresses in a single click.
  • Data bound mode for creating maps bound to tabular data.​
  • Fully interactive street and satellite maps inside your Excel documents.
  • Pan, zoom and street-view capability.
  • Customizable place markers, images and text.
  • Wide selection of marker colors and images for map personalization.

  • Free Trial and Full Versions now available from the

​​     Microsoft Office Store.

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