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  • Build driving routes with multiple way points.
  • Google Directions' way point optimization for selecting the optimal driving route.
  • Review alternate routes for distance and time.
  • Google autocomplete to help locate addresses and places.
  • One-click data binding for effortlessly building routes from existing address and place data.​
  • View driving and/or transit directions with distance and time. 
  • Review step-by-step instructions with links to transportation sources.
  • Import directions into your Excel document.​

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to HandyMapRoutes-Privacy.

Technical Support

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HandyMap Routes - Route Mapping Application for Excel

Content add-in for Microsoft Excel and Excel Online.

  • Enrich your Excel documents with fully fidelity driving and transit route maps.
  • Designed specifically for use within Excel to enable route planning as an integral part of your document.
  • Personalize your route maps with customized route paths, marker images, labels and place details. 
  • Built using proven Google Maps technology! 
  • Leverage the full power of Google Maps inside Excel.
  • Bring Street-View capability into your document.
  • Auto save functionality to save and re-access your customized maps.
  • Utilize 'Save as Image' capability to convert maps into static images.​
  • Rich customization capability to create distinct route maps.
  • Wide selection of marker colors and images.
  • Create custom markers using your own images and logos.
  • Store frequently accessed marker images in a custom marker library. ​
  • Fully interactive street, satellite and street-view maps inside your Excel document.
  • Pan, zoom and street-view capability.
  • Driving and transit directions with distance and time.
  • Way point optimization and route comparison.
  • Auto save map data and settings.

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