HandyMap Places & Routes

Task pane add-in for creating place and route maps in Microsoft Excel, Word and Office 365.

  • Plot addresses and build richly customized maps from within your Microsoft Office document.
  • Determine optimal driving and transit routes and build beautifully personalized route maps for including in your document. 
  • Vast selection of marker colors and images, including using your own icons and logos.
  • Built on industry standard Bing Maps technology with Road, Aerial, Streetside and Bird's Eye map views. 
  • Pan, zoom and street-view capability.
  • Locate places using Bing AutoSuggest type ahead.
  • Data import feature to batch input multiple addresses.
  • One click copy of map image and directions to your document.
  • Save customized maps as part of your document and revisit as needed.

    Free trial and full versions 

    available soon from the 

    Microsoft Office Store.

  • Look up driving and transit directions with distance and time.
  • Build driving route maps with multiple waypoint stops.
  • Review alternate route options.
  • Import step-by-step driving and transit directions into document.
  • Route distinction with colors, markers, images and descriptors.

Technical Support

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Privacy Statement and Terms of Use

For the privacy statement and terms of use please refer to PlaceRouteBuilder-Privacy.


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