HandyMap Address Lookup - Location & Place Mapping

Task pane Add-in for use with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Office Online. 

  • Have you found yourself switching between your Word document and a web browser to confirm the correct mailing address of your customer? 

  • Do you keep having to tab between your Excel spreadsheet and a browser search window to find the county/city/zipcode a potential business client is located in? 

  • Have you wanted to attach the map of a venue to your Office document but could find no easy way to get a map image from the Maps web site? 

If this sounds familiar, then HandyMap Address Lookup is the Office task pane app that you need. Perform all of the above tasks and more without having to leave the context of your Office document.

Note: This add-in has been deprecated. We recommend that you use our HandyMap Place & Route Maps add-in instead. 

  • Interactive street and satellite maps, with zoom, pan and street-view.

  • Generate map images for including in your document.

  • Look up city, county, state, zip code or country data.

  • Customizable place markers and text.

  • Save and revisit your customized maps.



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