HandyMap Routes - Route Mapping Application for Excel

Content add-in for Microsoft Excel and Excel Online.

  • Enrich your Excel documents with full fidelity driving and transit route maps.

  • Determine optimal driving and transit routes and generate route maps for including in your document.

  • Built-in route optimization to help you plan your route way-stops.

  • Personalize your route maps with customized route paths, markers, images, labels and place details.

  • Built using proven Microsoft Maps technology!


Interactive driving and transit route maps

  • Fully interactive street, satellite and street-view maps inside Excel documents.

  • Pan, zoom and street-view capability.

  • View step-by-step driving and/or transit directions with distance and time.

Waypoint optimization for route planning

  • Route optimization to help you plan the most efficient order for route way-stops.

  • Round trip routing and round trip way-stop optimization.

  • Review alternate routes for distance and time.

Create highly personalized maps

  • Extensive customization for marking your routes with distinct colors, images and place descriptors.

  • Custom marker feature for creating markers using your own icons and logos.

  • Callout labels enable you to highlight the key details on your maps.

Import route data from your document

  • Building routes by importing existing address data from your document.

  • Auto save functionality for automatic persistence of your map data and settings.

  • Auto suggest to facilitate entering your start, destination and waypoint addresses.

  • Review and import step-by-step driving and transit directions into your document.

Bird's eye and street-side maps inside Excel

  • Fully interactive maps let you leverage bird's eye and street-side imagery within your Excel document.

  • Generate street and satellite images of your maps for emailing or attaching to your documents.

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