HandyMap Place & Route Maps

Task pane add-in for creating place and route maps with Microsoft Excel, Word and Office Online.

  • Visualize place and route data, and build highly personalized maps from within your Microsoft Office document. 

  • Determine optimal driving and transit routes and generate route maps for including in your document.

  • Built-in route optimization to help you plan your route way-stops.

  • ​Share Maps service allows your users to view your maps from any browser or mobile device.

  • Built on industry standard Microsoft Maps technology!


Create points of interest and route maps

  • Road, Aerial, Bird's Eye and Streetside map views.

  • Pan and zoom capability.

  • Vast selection of standard marker colors and images.

  • Custom marker feature for creating maps using your own icons and logos.

  • Marker library functionality for storing frequently used images.

Optimize way-stop order and driving time

  • Look up driving and transit directions with distance and time.

  • Route optimization helps you plan the most efficient way-stop order.

  • Round trip routing and round trip way-stop optimization.

  • Review alternate route options.

  • Import step-by-step driving and transit directions into your document.

Region maps with city, state and country boundaries

  • Create region maps highlighting city, county, state and country boundaries.

  • Utilize callout labels to highlight the key details of your maps.

  • Scalable markers lets you add markers spanning a range of sizes.

  • Clustering support to render overlapping markers as groups.

Save customized maps

  • Save your map data and customization features as part of your document. 

  • Revisit saved maps as often as needed.

  • Auto-load map on document open.

  • Easy address input aided by AutoSuggest type ahead.

  • Data import feature to input place and route data from your document.

Utilize callouts and create map imagery

  • Add callout labels to highlight key details on your map.

  • Create callouts with different colors and display styles.​

  • Snapshot functionality to generate custom sized street and satellite maps.​

  • Create map and map legend imagery for emailing or attaching to your documents.

  • View StreetSide and Bird's Eye View inside your document.

Share your maps

  • ​New Share Maps feature now makes it possible to allow others to view your custom maps.

  • Generate map links that can be shared via email, text or on social media. 

  • Display your custom maps on your web site or social media page.

  • Users can access your maps from all popular web browsers and mobile devices.

  • Keep shared maps current by simply updating the map inside your Office document. 

  • Secure map links with password protection and accessibility dates. 

  • Wide range of monthly subscription plans to fit your requirement and budget.

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