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You have built some highly customized and informative maps using our HandyMap add-ins. And now you would like to share them with your clients and colleagues through email, or host the maps on your social media page or web site. Enter HandyMap Share Maps! 


Share Maps is a new subscription service that lets you take the maps that you created inside your Excel or Word document and share it with the world. You can now create web links of your maps that are then shared through email, text, social-media links or on your web site. Users can access your custom maps from any web browser or mobile device of their choice, and view them in full interactive richness with zoom and pan, clickable markers, satellite and street-view drill downs.

1. Build Maps

Create highly customized place, route or scale maps using your preferred HandyMap add-in.

3. View on Web

Your maps can now be viewed on any web browser using the shared web links.

2. Share Maps

Generate secure web links to your maps that can be shared via email, text or social media.

4. Access on Mobile

Users on the go can view your maps on the mobile device of their choice.

Key Features

  • Share your maps through email, text and social media links.

  • Host your custom maps on your web site or social media page.

  • Shared maps are accessible from all popular web browsers and mobile devices.

  • Share your maps as live interactive maps or map images.

  • Unlimited shared map image access with all Share Map plans.

  • Keep shared maps current by simply updating the map inside your Excel or Word document. You users will immediately view the updated version of your maps.

  • Secure map access using password protection. 

  • Set maps to be viewed for a date range of your choosing.

Share Maps is presently in beta and available for evaluation in the listed HandyMap add-ins.


A range of Share Map plans are available to allow you to try the feature with a basic plan and scale to fit your map sharing requirement. 



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