Share Maps - Subscription Plans

Share Maps plan rates are based on the number of shared maps that can be created, and the expected shared map views per month. A shared map view is defined as a live shared map being accessed on a web browser or a mobile device using the shared map web link generated at the time of creation of a new shared map.

An example scenario would be sharing a new route map that you just created in a HandyMap add-in and emailing the map link to 10 clients. Setting your custom route map as a shared map counts as one map in the maximum number of maps permitted by your plan. When your clients receive the email and click on the link to open the interactive map in their desktop browser or mobile device, a map view count is registered. Each access is counted against the monthly shared map view balance permitted by your plan. If you are subscribed to the Share Maps 1000 (25 Maps/1000 Views) plan, this will result in a balance of 24 shared maps for the plan and 999 map views.


All Share Map plans feature unlimited shared map image views. If access to a live map is not required, you can share secure web links to an image of your shared map. Your users can now have unlimited access to the map image from a browser or mobile device for the duration of your plan term. Shared map links are dynamic and updating your shared map inside your Excel/Word application will immediately allow your users to view the updated version of your map.

The standard license for Handy Map add-ins include a one month subscription to a Share Maps plan featuring 5 shared maps, 100 shared map views and unlimited shared map image views.


Share Maps is available for evaluation in the listed HandyMap add-ins.



Share Maps is presently in beta. We expect Share Maps subscriptions to be out of beta and available for purchase shortly. Please contact us if you require an extension of the trial plan during the beta period.


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