AdaptPoint is a provider of productivity enhancement solutions for Microsoft Office. Backed by technologists with wide ranging expertise and a shared passion for software development, our mission is to bring you a set of powerful Microsoft Office and Office 365 add-ins that enable you to meet all your custom mapping requirements without ever having to step outside the context of your document.

HandyMap Add-Ins

Our HandyMap range of products for the Microsoft Office platform utilize proven Microsoft Bing Maps technology to bring cost effective and highly efficient solutions for your mapping needs. Be it something as simple as creating a points of interest map or a more complex requirement such as planning the optimal route for a logistics operation, you will be able to find an add-in that fits your need in our HandyMap range.

Read more about our products here and then visit the AdaptPoint storefront on the Microsoft Office store to try out our add-in offerings.

HandyMap Share Maps

New Share Maps service now makes it possible for you to share your custom maps with clients and co-workers using email, text, social media or your web site. Your users can view your shared maps from any browser or mobile device of their choice.

HandyMap Places & Routes

Content add-in to enable you to add fully interactive points of interest, region, driving and transit route maps as an integral part of your Microsoft Excel and Excel Online documents.

HandyMap Scale Maps

Content add-in for creating interactive bubble and pie chart maps inside Microsoft Excel and Excel Online documents to illustrate the variances in your place data with scaleable markers.

HandyMap Place & Route Maps

Task pane add-in for creating highly personalized points of interest, region, driving and transit route maps for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Built using industry proven Microsoft Maps technology!

HandyMap Route Planner

Task pane add-in that lets you plan your driving and transit routes, and create route maps without leaving your Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Office 365 documents.

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To learn more about Microsoft Office Add-ins and how to access them, please visit the Microsoft Office documentation links: 

Utility Add-Ins

Our utility add-in offerings aim to provide a set of easy to use solutions for some of the frequent tasks that you may encounter while working on your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents. 

Biz Calculator

Content add-in to conveniently perform all your statistic and arithmetic calculations through an always accessible interface located right within your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint document.

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About AdaptPoint


We are a dynamic firm of technologists who are excited by the Microsoft Add-In model, and believe in the potential of the Office Store to enable us to reach out to the vast Microsoft Office user community.

AdaptPoint is based in Cary, North Carolina.


Our mission is to create a suite of Microsoft Office add-ins aimed at maximizing your productivity by facilitating access to frequently sought custom mapping services through intuitive interfaces that are readily accessible within your document.  


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